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Awesome Benefits of Eco-Friendly Wood Sealers

wood deck in a nature setting, eco-friendly wood sealer applied

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about eco-friendly practices or products. From clothing to home improvement, it is clear that the eco-friendly movement is here to stay. That is why you need to use eco-friendly wood sealers for your next project!

Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of using these environmentally friendly products!


In some cases, eco-friendly means that you are compromising in durability, however, with eco-friendly wood sealers durability is number one. A proprietary nanotechnology formula provides top-notch protection from warping, cupping, and wear on the wood.

Additionally, this eco-friendly wood sealer protects from standing water for up to ten years on vertical surfaces and 6 years on horizontal surfaces. This lasting durability makes eco-friendly sealers a great choice for outdoor decking.


85 million families in the united states have at least one pet, so it is safe to say your furry friends are part of your family. With that being said, the chemicals that you use in your daily life could be potentially dangerous for your pet.

Accidental poisoning from chemicals is in the top ten causes of poisoning for dogs. Choosing an eco-friendly alternative for your wood sealing project will protect your pet from exposure to dangerous chemicals.


Eco-friendly wood sealers are a must-use product for children’s toys like swing-sets or sandboxes. The chemicals in other wood sealers can be toxic to small children due to the resins and chemical driers.

That is why choosing an eco-friendly option is essential for families. When you opt to use an eco-friendly product you can rest assured that your little ones are playing safe.


If you are going through the trouble of finding an exotic and unique wood for your project then you need the right sealer! Eco-friendly wood sealers are the perfect choice for protecting exotic wood projects. The water-based formula works to fight against mold and mildew build-up while being flexible and breathable.

Additionally, the unique formula works beautifully to extend the natural look and life of the wood.


Eco-friendly wood sealers like MARINE Premium Wood Sealer are great for projects that are exposed to a lot of water such as pool decks, docks, or outdoor furniture. The unique sealer is perfect for marine conditions as it protects wood from water damage and decay even from saltwater. Additionally, the formula helps to protect the wood from fade and warping.

Choosing Eco-Friendly

When you choose eco-friendly wood sealers for your next project you are choosing the best choice for your wood and your family. These eco-friendly sealers are non-toxic, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. So don’t wait, choose an eco-friendly product for your needs today!

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