Wood Sealers & Stains

Leading the innovation in wood protection and waterproofing

SEAL-ONCE® has been leading the innovation in the use of nanotechnology to create long-lasting, eco-friendly wood sealers & tinted wood stains since 2005. We offer a variety of solutions for different applications and warranty our products’ performance.

Can mockup NanoPoly Clear Matte 1Gal- wood sealer

NANO+POLYTM Premium Wood Sealer in Clear and Ready Mixed Colors

NANO+POLY™ is a premium waterproofing wood stain & sealer. It combines proprietary nanotechnology with the strength of polyurethane to provide 360° of protection. Its durable, breathable matte finish protects the surface of the wood against wear and tear, UV fading and water damage. It is currently available as a clear wood sealer and in 8 Ready Mix Colors.

  • Added abrasion resistance for high traffic areas
  • Prohibits warping, cupping, mold & mildew staining

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Can mockup Nano Clear 1Gal small- wood sealer

NANO Penetrating Wood Sealer

NANO Penetrating Wood Sealer is a waterproof stain & finish that deeply penetrates the wood surface. It will protect and stabilize against water damage and decay. The water based formula uses our proprietary nanotechnology. It forms a flexible breathable barrier by coating the wood fibers at the cellular level.

  • Helps resist wood rot, wood decay, mold, mildew and fungi growth
  • Non-film forming clear formula allows wood to silver naturally and evenly
  • Eliminates wood warping & cupping caused by water intrusion

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Can mockup Exotic Clear 1Gal medium- wood sealer

EXOTIC Premium Wood Sealer

EXOTIC is a premium sealer & waterproofing wood stain formulated for denser Brazilian hardwood like Ipe, Teak & Mahogany. Tropical hardwoods are much denser than North American hardwoods. So, standard sealers will not deeply penetrate their surface to protect & stabilize against water damage.

This water based sealer uses proprietary nanotechnology to coat the wood fibers below the surface. It also provides additional UV light protection and abrasion resistance, on the surface.

  • Our #1 Rated sealer & stain for denser tropical hardwood species
  • Recommended for Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, Teak, Mahogany
  • Brazilian Cherry & Walnut, Tigerwood, Rosewood & others

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Can mockup Marine Clear 1Gal Aquatic- wood sealer

MARINE Premium Wood Sealer in Clear and Ready Mixed Colors

MARINE is a premium waterproofing dock sealer & deck stain. It deeply penetrates the surface to protect and stabilize wood in high-moisture locations. It is an Eco-friendly wood finish, with ultra-low VOCs, and is safe to use around pets, plants & people .

  • Formulated for use on wood near open water, non-hazardous to aquatic life
  • Recommended for wood boat docks, pool decks, walkways
  • Piers & outdoor furniture near ocean, lakes, ponds & rivers

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Can mockup Multi Surface 1gal large- wood sealer

Multi-Surface Concentrate with NANO

Multi-Surface Concentrate with NANO is a waterproofing sealer that penetrates below the material’s surface. It preserves the integrity and stability of outdoor wood, concrete & masonry. It can be used on  decks & patios. (not for use on driveways)

It prevents warping, cupping, cracking & spalling; wood rot & decay; & inhibits mold, mildew & fungi growth. It is water based, Eco-friendly, has ultra-low VOCs and is safe to use around pets, plants and people.

  • Diluted 1:1 with clean water to create the final, NANO formula
  • Designed for use by wood & concrete contractors & installers

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Can mockup Seal Ends Once Clear 1Gal Small- wood sealer

SEAL ENDS ONCE® Wood End Sealer

SEAL ENDS ONCE® deeply penetrates the surface to protect & stabilize the exposed cut ends of wood & lumber against water damage. These cut ends of wooden decks & steps are highly susceptible to end splitting & water absorption. SEAL ENDS ONCE protects all types of lumber & is recommended for use with other SEAL-ONCE products.

  • Prevents water absorption on the exposed ends of lumber
  • Prevents splits on exposed cut ends from drying out (end checks)

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Seal-Once All Wood Cleaner

All Wood Cleaner

The concentrated formula of SEAL-ONCE All Wood Cleaner penetrates the surface to loosen dirt and remove discoloration, mold and mildew stains without the use of harsh chemicals. It cleans the surface & restores the original color of the wood, making it look like new.

  • A 2 lb container will make 8 gallons for a total of 4,000 to 6,000 sq ft.
  • 1 gallon will cover 500-800 sq. ft
  • Penetrating sealers work best when the wood surface has been cleaned
  • Highly recommended wood surface is cleaned prior to application of SEAL-ONCE

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SO 38722 All Wood Brightener Label 2lb 32oz v12 e1682449712604- wood sealer

All Wood Brightener

  • Seal-Once All Wood Brightener is designed to brighten and neutralize wood after cleaning.
  • For use with Seal-Once All Wood Cleaner
  • For each 1.25 gallons of water mix in one cup of cup of All Wood Brightener
  • Cleans 400-500 square feet per container when prepared as directed
  • Biodegradable Will not damage plants, grass, etc.

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semi-transparent wood tints product photo

Semi-Transparent Tints & Wood Stains

We offer a full line of rich semi-transparent tints & wood stains. These tints preserve and enhance the natural beauty of wood while protecting it from UV damage. Our tints can be mixed into our NANO, NANO+POLY, EXOTIC, MARINE & MSC wood sealers. Together, they will create a beautiful semi-transparent wood stain for any wood project.

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