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Why You Need a Quality Wood Sealant

Why You Need a Quality Wood Sealant

From decks and railings to fences, pergolas, and even wood shingles, you enjoy the beauty and durability of wood throughout many areas of your property. However, the elements and time can leave their mark on wood, so this material must be properly cared for over the years. After all, you understandably do not want to replace these features prematurely. One of the most important steps that you can take to keep your property’s wood features maintained in great condition is to apply a high-quality wood sealant to the surfaces periodically. 

What benefits can you enjoy through the use of wood sealant?

Protects the Appearance of the Wood

Wood sealant is a special coating that can be applied to all types of wood for its protective benefits. While it can be applied to new wood structures, it can also be applied to older structures that may be showing signs of aging and weather impacts. 

Each species of wood has a unique look that can beautify your home’s exterior in lovely ways. However, as wood is exposed to the elements and ages, it can take on a worn look and lose some of its aesthetic appeal. In fact, wood that has not been properly cared for can eventually become an eyesore. 

When this happens, you may be inclined to replace the wood well before it may have otherwise needed to be replaced. Because a high-quality wood sealant protects the wood from damage, the sealant can allow the natural beauty of the grain and coloring to shine through for a much longer period of time.

Optimizes the Longevity of the Wood

One of the reasons why wood is commonly used on decks, fences, and other exterior features is because it is durable in harsh weather conditions. However, over time, moisture, UV rays, mold, mildew, and other issues will take a toll on the wood. When these factors are at play, they can result in splintering, wood rot, and decay. 

These can detract from the longevity of the wood and lead to the premature need to replace the wood features on your property. Through the application of a wood sealant, you can give your wood the added layer of protection that it needs to keep damage from these factors at bay. In fact, well-protected wood may provide you with several years or more of additional use.

Choosing a High-Quality Wood Sealant

Wood sealant plays an important role in the ongoing beauty and condition of your home’s exterior wood features. However, not all sealants are the same. By choosing a high quality wood sealant, such as SEAL-ONCE® NANO+POLY Premium Wood Sealer, you can achieve the results you desire. Weather conditions are leaving their mark on your wood features today, so now is the best time to get started sealing the wood.

There are many wood sealants on the market that only form a top-coat, ​​NANO+POLY penetrates below the surface to form a long-lasting, water-resistant shield around the wood fibers at the cellular level. 

If you’re going to put the time and effort in to cover your wood structures with a sealant, you want to make sure that it’s going to last. Choosing the right wood sealant is an important investment into the future durability and look of your wood.