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What is the difference between SEAL-ONCE NANO, NANO+POLY and POLY?

SEAL-ONCE NANO is a non-film forming, deep-penetrating, water based formula that creates a flexible, breathable barrier to protect wood against damage caused by water ingress. It is ideal for vertical surfaces and areas that will not be subjected to a high level of wear and tear.

SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY combines our proprietary nanotechnology formula with the strength of polyurethane to provide 360° of protection for wood, concrete and masonry. It is ideal for high traffic applications such as decks and patios.

SEAL-ONCE POLY forms a durable, flexible barrier on the surface that shields wood, concrete and masonry from water damage, abrasion and harmful UV rays. It is ideal for projects where there will not be a lot of foot traffic but where a high gloss, uniform finish is desired.

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