Protects Cut Ends of Wood Decks & Steps

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  • Cedar
  • Pressure Treated
  • Tropical hardwood
  • Exotic hardwood decking
  • Ipe decking
  • Woodturning blanks
  • Live-edge wood slabs


  • Prevents up to 90% of end checks and drying splits
  • Prevents end checking in deck boards
  • Water based, non toxic formula
  • No solvents
  • Soap and water cleanup
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End Guard is a hybrid of plant-based polymers and wax that protects wood from checking and splitting. It is a high-performance, economical choice for customers.

End Guard is best-in-class for the protection of wood decking. When carefully applied to the freshly cut ends of tropical hardwoods, such as ipe, Brazilian walnut, mahogany and tigerwood, End Guard prevents up to 90% of end checking, protecting your investment and extending the life of the deck.

Product Details

  • All areas to be coated should be clear of dirt and debris
  • Apply END GUARD using a brush, roller or sprayer until it begins to drip slightly.
  • For optimal coverage, use a gas engine, electric, air operated or backpack sprayer from U C Coatings.
  • If using spray equipment other than those sold by U C Coatings, use 0.21”/0.55 mm tip or larger.
  • Logs larger than 24”/60 cm in diameter will require a heavier coating, or two coats must be applied within a 15 minute period
  • Clean application equipment using hot soapy water
  • Store unused End Guard above 50°F/10°C to prevent freezing. Winterized formulas will protect against freeze damage
  • Surfaces that have been treated with END GUARD can be cleaned using a mixture of 1 gallon warm water, 14 oz. bleach, and 1 oz. of Dawn® dish detergent. Apply this cleaning solution with a sprayer and allow to sit for 20 to 30 minutes on the wood surface before rinsing with water using a garden hose with a nozzle.
  • This cleaning solution can be used to remove airborne mold and mildew stains, dirt and grime from the wood surface. END GUARD will prevent and resist any water, mold and mildew penetration. Do not use oxidizers, corrosives, or strippers on surfaces that have been treated with END GUARD.
  • Surfaces can be recoated with END GUARD at any time. END GUARD may need to be reapplied in places where the surface may have undergone noticeable changes.
  • Before reapplying END GUARD, clean the surface using the recommended cleaning solution above. Apply END GUARD according to package instructions. When reapplying in small areas, lightly overlap onto areas previously treated with END GUARD.