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Rustic Colorade Boardwalk Protected With SEAL-ONCE©Rustic Colorade Boardwalk Protected With SEAL-ONCE©

Rustic Colorado Boardwalk

Colorado Boardwalk Seal-Once Nano Guard

SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD Premium Wood Sealer was used to protect and preserve a wooden boardwalk in the Town of Grand Lake, Colorado. The boardwalk runs along both sides of the main thoroughfare in town, covering more than one mile in total length.

Town officials sought a product that would provide a high level of protection for the Redwood boards. The product they used would need to protect against harsh weather, preserve the appearance of the wood without adding a surface coating, be durable enough to last several years and was eco-friendly. They worked with Alpine Lumber to find such a product, who in turn recommended SEAL-ONCE for this project.

The Grand Lake boardwalk is exposed to harsh weather conditions during the winter, including an average annual snowfall of more than 140”, and foot traffic from more than 10,000 people each day during the summer months. It was also important to use a clear, non-film forming product to preserve the rustic look that blended seamlessly with the rest of the town.

The town employed a Denver, Colorado-based contractor to pre-treat all sides of the Redwood boards with two coats of SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD Premium Wood Sealer.

Colorado Boardwalk Seal Once Nano Guard-
New Section
Treated with NANO GUARD
Colorado Boardwalk Seal Once Nano Guard 2-
Older Section
Treated with NANO GUARD
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