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SEAL ENDS ONCE Premium End Sealer

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  • Great investment to protect cut ends of wood from water damage
  • Highly recommended for cut ends of lumber on decks and steps
  • #1 Rated Ipe end sealer & wood deck end sealer in the world
  • Can be used on all species of hardwood and softwood
  • SEAL ENDS ONCE can be painted or stained over
  • Approximate coverage: 250-350 sq. ft./gallon per coat. Based on surface porosity.
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1-Quart, 1-Gallon

3 reviews for SEAL ENDS ONCE Premium End Sealer

  1. Tom

    We replaced an old deck with steps that were all warped and cupped on the ends, so we gladly spent some money on a quart of this to help protect the new deck last year. May take a few years to see the results, but has held up great so far.

  2. Jaxson

    We are a contractor that has used anchorseal for our deck ends in the past, but customer wanted to stain the ends this time so were glad to find this product. It penetrates the wood so you can still stain the ends the same color as the deck. The anchorseal gives you more of a wax coating that can’t be stained so it is nice to have this option.

  3. Jose B.

    Make the investment in this if you just installed a new deck. Last thing we wanted on our new Ipe deck was a bunch of split ends with mold and mildew. Needed less than a quart to seal our ends and you can see the water just drip off the deck. It rains almost daily here in FL and after 6 months the ends of the ipe decking look brand new.

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