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NANO+POLY Premium Wood Sealer

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  • Combines penetrating nanotechnology to protect below the surface with polyurethane for enhanced 360° protection in high traffic areas
  • Flexible, breathable barrier allows wood to expand & contract safely
  • Water based, ultra-low VOC, Non-toxic with UV blockers to prevent fading
  • Prevents warping & cupping and stains caused by mold, mildew & algae
  •  Approximate coverage: 250-350 sq. ft./gallon per coat. Based on surface porosity.
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Black, Bronze Cedar, Brown, Cedar, Clear, Coastal Grey, Light Brown, Mahogany, Natural, Redwood


1-Quart, 1-Gallon, 5-Gallon

16 reviews for NANO+POLY Premium Wood Sealer

  1. Charlene

    My husband has always used smelly, oil based sealers on our fence and old deck. After we installed a new deck in 2018 , we loved the idea of a safer, water-based sealer like Seal Once. Not only does the deck look great after using Seal Once, we love that it is not full of toxic chemicals, since our family and dogs spend a ton of time on the deck.

  2. Larry

    I did a lot of research prior to choosing Seal Once for our deck. I was initially leaning toward an oil-based product they sell at home depot, but went with the NANO+POLY after doing more research on-line. Though water-based, it penetrates well and has easy cleanup. Knowing you can get a water-based product that works as well as an oil, makes it an easy choice for us, even when the cost is a bit higher. It was very thin and watery when I opened the can, which worried me a little at first, but the bronze cedar color we used is beautiful. It looked nice after the 1st coat, but absolutely gorgeous after the 2nd coat. Water beads up on it after a rain shower and the product is warranted to hold up for up to 6 years on horizontal surfaces. The customer service rep was very helpful and I ordered 4 different color samples to try out. I would not be put off by its cost as this is a product meant to protect your deck for years. It’s worth every cent (and you get what you pay for)! Also, the estimated coverage per gallon was really accurate, so I did not have to spend money on sealer I did not use.

  3. Sheryl W.

    Used to seal wood in a greenhouse to make it last longer. The product is working as described.

  4. Bob B.

    Well worth it…works great. Goes on much easier than oil-based sealer and really works

  5. Ralph H.

    Have used Nano Guard in the past with good results and was happy with the new NANO+POLY formula we used on our deck.

  6. JOHN S. (verified owner)

    I have used many of the other brands over the years and nothing comes close to what Seal-Once Nano+Poly does. Water beads up like the wood is wax coated, not slippery at all. I am a first time user we will have to wait a year or so to see if it holds up but for now, it really is impressive.

  7. Tobias

    We used this product to seal our pool deck for the summer and were glad we called and talked to Matt. We had originally been looking at the Marine product, but after talking to Matt and understanding the NANO+POLY has the added polyurethane component that gives increased protection in high traffic areas, we went with this. Our deck gets a lot of abuse from the kids and their toys, so we definitely need that added layer of surface protection you don’t get with the Marine.

  8. Mike W.

    Good sealer for wood deck. We have a log home in Montana that is in a pretty harsh environment, so we wanted a penetrating sealer that also had some surface protection. Application was relatively easy and we love the look.

  9. Todd D.

    Very happy with our purchase and the end result The deck prep was actually harder than sealing as we had a lot of mildew to remove. Just remember that you are supposed to apply the 2nd coat while the 1st one is damp to insure the best penetration. This sealer protects below the surface, so you are not “painting” the top of the wood. If you let the 1st coat dry completely, the 2nd coat will not be able to penetrate the wood nearly as well.

  10. Gary T.

    Great water resistance. Not sure what species we have, but it is some kind-of-jungle-wood deck. Added the cedar tint because if you don’t add some variety of tint, the wood turns gray.

  11. Henry W.

    Lovie it. Great color! Hard to find a color of stain I like but this one is perfect. And a little goes a long way.

  12. Sharyl

    Used to seal wood in a greenhouse to make it last longer. The product is working as described.

  13. Norman

    Within 24 hours of applying to our cedar deck there was a pop up thunderstorm. Water beaded up and pooled just like the product claimed to do. Was easy enough to apply with a brush. It’ll be interesting to see if it truly lasts 6 years like the claim, but so far I am pleased!!

  14. Technolong.Com

    Will prevent water from soaking into wood surface for up to 10 years on vertical surfaces and up to 6 years on horizontal surfaces.

  15. Jonathan_UCLA (verified owner)

    Project: exterior restoration project Big Bear Lake, CA cabin. Advice: read the directions….you literally have 1 hour to do 2nd coat and then the seal is pretty much locked. Even when you sand the wood back to near bare it is still sealed (though no color). Note: The Cedar on redwood starts to get very red at 2 coats so we switched to Cedar first coat and Bronze Cedar second coat which creates a very dynamic look. Oil products are easier to work with, but I have never seen any product that performs like Nano-Poly.

  16. Steve Brown (verified owner)

    Applied to large older deck (375sqft) using Natural tint. Tint is a bit yellowish, but ok as I was looking more for protection and extending life than show-piece color finish. Started with brush application (5″) per recommendation but that proved too tedious for such a large area. Switched to a 3/8″ nap roller. Did the two coats per recommendation, doing 2-4 board widths the full length at a time. This was much faster and easier on the back than hand brushing and seemed to produce the same results as brushing. Had first rain 48 hours later and water beads nicely on all boards – very pleased so far. One caveat: STIR! I used a power drill with stir paddle to thoroughly mix each 1 gallon can. However on the first can, I only stirred once, by the time I finished can (in one continuous use), there were a couple of tablespoons of goop at the bottom of the can. I presume this is the poly that settled out over the course of an hour or so – hopefully not all of it. I stirred the remaining cans (4) every 10-15 minutes to ensure constant, thorough mixing. No dregs in bottom when done. The instructions say STIR WELL. I would change that to say STIR CONSTANTLY otherwise you will lose some of the protection & benefits you paid to apply as those components settle out to bottom of can. Would recommend, giving four stars for now until I see how it lasts.

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