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NANO Penetrating Wood Sealer

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  • Deep penetrating formula uses proprietary nanotechnology to protect from the inside out.
  • Water-based, ultra-low VOC formula is safe for the environment.
  • Allows wood to age naturally without decay.
  • Approximate coverage: 250-350 sq. ft./gallon per coat. Based on surface porosity.
  • Available in 9 Semi-transparent Color Tints that are mixed with CLEAR
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1-Quart, 1-Gallon, 5-Gallon


Black, Bronze Cedar, Brown, Cedar, Clear, Coastal Grey, Light Brown, Mahogany, Natural, Redwood

15 reviews for NANO Penetrating Wood Sealer

  1. Leonard

    “I am very glad I found your Website as there is nothing like this at the big box stores. The Seal Once Finish I purchased worked very well and looks great, all my neighbors were impressed and said they would use your company in the further for their wood projects. Thank you.”

  2. Mary

    Best protective non-toxic coating for exterior wood I have found. I use Seal Once Wood Finish on a few of my wood sculptures in the yard and have been happy with the results to date.

  3. Anthony V.

    It is a bit more expensive, but worth the price. Does clean up easily if done promptly. Mixing with tints was easier than expected and worth it with 11 colors to choose from. Shipped in good containers, with adequate protection, so waste in mixing and pouring was minimal. The desired reaction is for as deep as possible penetration into wood surface. Sprays in airless unit very well. Product and how it reacts with wood at low temperature is very sensitive, additional warning would be advisable to users in low temps.

  4. Lily

    Great product!

    We had used some garbage stain/sealer for my deck a few years ago and I knew I hated it as soon as we were done putting it on. Now that it had gotten old, we sanded it off and decided it was time to spend the extra cost on a better grade sealer. We used three coats on the handrails and steps and two on everything else. It went on evenly, and was so much easier to work with than the oil sealer we had used the last time. It drys fast so want to keep moving to sustain a wet edge and you can do the whole deck in a few hours, not a few days. I love the sheen it has. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wondering if it’s worth the extra cost. People actually think we have a new deck and can;t believe it is the same wood deck, with a different sealer.

    This time our deck looks like beautiful furniture and the cost was only about $30 more than what we paid for the cheap sealer. Now we just need them to figure out a way to make a wood sealer that can keep the birds and squirrels off of our deck!

  5. John

    We have a lot of problems with moisture and mold in Hawaii and NANO is the best product we have found to protect wood from it. As a builder working on million $ plus homes all over the islands, we want the best wood protector we can get and this is it. We’ve tried many different products over the years and happily recommend Seal Once to all of our customers and any contractors we work with in the islands. I just wish they had more retailers in the area who sold it, so we could pick-up some locally!

  6. Oscar

    We live on Kauai and mold is everywhere. I have tried EVERYTHING! Nothings worked. Then a friend told me that she used the Seal Once on one of her projects and I should try it. I had no other options left – so I ordered the product not expecting much. I used it on the most moldy areas in my kitchen – inside the garbage can cabinet and few other high moisture areas. The wood I used it on was teak and it was already stained with something – I didn’t know if the new product would absorb into the wood. But weeks passed and no mold! Months passed NO MOLD! I told my other friends about this product – IT WORKS! I now used it on all the moldy areas and have great results. I bough the Marine protector for my outdoor furniture and it looks like new. So easy to apply. No mess. Goes on like water. Great product

  7. Cindy D.

    Seems like milky water. But; IT REALLY does the job. Dries clear. Brings out wood tones. I spilled some on my painted deck. You cant tell where untill it rains, then water beads up. Im buying more for lots of projects.

  8. Fred R.

    Used this on our cedar shakes. They look almost new again and being water-based made the job a lot easier than anticipated.

  9. Ashton W.

    Read another review about preventing mold in Hawaii and so glad we found your product. Preventing mold here in Maui is a huge issue and we love the reuslts.

  10. Tory S.

    Great product for cedar shakes near the ocean. Easy to apply and clean-up. Water-beads up and the clear finish does not alter the natural look of the shingles.

  11. Luke

    NANO is easy to work with and you can see results right away. We sealed our cedar pergola and the 1st time it rained we could see the water beading off the cedar. Mixing in the color tint was pretty simple and the final color was dead-on with the sample we ordered and tested.

  12. Jerry P

    Seems to be a good repellent with water beading up the 1st time it rained. Although it’s very thin and milky white in the can, it goes on quite easily. Clean up was a breeze with just soap & water.

  13. Tim S.

    Great color! Hard to find a color of stain I like but this one is perfect. And a little goes a long way.

  14. Salvatore

    Great product! Very easy to apply and it does not have any smell at all. The structure I’ve used this on is for an out door pet housing and has done well in the rain and grass/dirt so far.

  15. John Campanile

    I just replaced the the deck with pressure-treated lumber, but kept the old railing and spindles. I did nothing to the old wood; no sanding or cleaning-it hadn’t been treated in several years, and looked terrible. I applied NANO with a tint and it covered every thing beautifully. I know that you’re told to wait a year when coating pressure treated lumber, but I noticed that the wood was just soaking up the water like a blotter when it rained. So I figured if it;s doing that, I would apply the water-based stain, and try to protect the wood over the winter. I intend to give it a second coat in the Spring. Right now my wife and I are very happy with how it looks.

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