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EXOTIC Premium Wood Sealer

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  • Exclusive formulation made specifically for Brazilian hardwoods
  • Superior nano polymer protection for dense tropical hardwoods
  • Extends useful life of Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa & many exotic species
  • Allows rare and exotic wood species to age naturally without decay
  • Added UV and abrasion resistance protects against sun and scuffs
  • Approximate coverage: 250-350 sq. ft./gallon per coat. Based on surface porosity.
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1-Quart, 1-Gallon, 5-Gallon


Clear, Light Brown

9 reviews for EXOTIC Premium Wood Sealer

  1. Tim

    Looks great on IPE wood deck. After having a new deck installed the contractor just told us to pick up something at Home Depot or Lowes and he would come back to seal it. We did some research and decided we wanted a more eco friendly product and were glad to find something made specific to our ipe deck. Even the contractor was impressed with the seal once and especially how easy it was to apply.

  2. Tammy D.

    Worked great on our teak deck and railings. Happy with the refreshed look and so much easier to apply than the solvent based product we used years ago.

  3. Thomas

    Looked around for a premium sealer and stain we could get for a new tigerwood deck and outdoor kitchen. Our contractor was done in one day and we have not seen any wear with daily use after 6 months. The Exotic product really enhanced the look of our Tigerwood and was worth the investment as, we spent thousands of dollars on this project.

  4. Riley R.

    We found your product on-line after searching for an eco-friendly sealer for our Cumaru deck and were thrilled with how it turned out. It has only been a few months, so we can’t attest to the long-term durability yet, so we can only give you 4 stars for now. We were glad we talked to your staff as they recommended we add the seal ends once or Anchorseal 2 to the deck end cuts, to prevent water from seeping in through the exposed ends. After all the time and money we spent on the deck and sealing it, it makes great sense to spend $25, to make sure water is not getting in the ends and causing splits.

  5. Alvin G.

    We asked our deck installer, What is the best eco-friendly sealer for our new ipe deck? He recommended the EXOTIC from Seal Once in the water-based category. We spoke to the company and were happy to hear they had a an all new formula launched in 2019 that was specifically made for Brazilian hardwoods. Their staff explained to us the different density of woods and how different sealers protect wood from water damage, which gave us much better insight when making our decision. Finding a product that is actually made for protecting ipe was great and it was a bonus to understand that it is water-based and has no toxic chemicals.

  6. Jennifer

    The best waterproofer for Tigerwood decking. We love the look and we’re psyched to find an Eco-friendly product made specifically for our wood species at a reasonable price. We didn’t want something off the shelf that was not made for Tigerwood. No way you would find a product like this at the big box stores.

  7. Jason

    Good product. Not hard to apply and brushes clean up with soapy water.

  8. Lewis K.

    I usually use oil based sealers, but I thought I’d try a water based as it is so much easier to deal with. I have an Ipe deck that I left natural, but after 5 years I noticed some checking on the surface and was concerned about splinters so I sanded it down and sealed it. The nice thing about the water based product is that it dries so fast. I did 5 or so boards at a time on each end and work to the middle because I was using a brush and you have to get the second coat on before an hour passes. Most of the time I could go back and do the second coat in 15-20 minutes, when it was colder I’d wait about 30 minutes. At 70 degrees plus you definitely want to do the second coat sooner than an hour. When it goes on it looks a little milky and there were some white specs, but it dries totally clear. There is barely any smell and it cleans up so easy. It looks really good. I finished it a couple of weeks ago and the water beads up and doesn’t soak in. I’ll be happy if it lasts 3-4 years.

  9. Jeff W.

    It was very easy to apply. It had the consistency of milk so it seeped into all the had to reach spots. We used it on teak patio furniture.

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