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POLY Premium Wood Sealer

Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Surface Coating

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  • Interior Woodwork
  • Thermally Modified Wood


  • Water-based, Ultra-low VOC
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, No odor
  • Won't harm people, pets or plants
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Extends natural life of wood
  • Easy soap & water clean-up
  • Available in both Satin & Low Gloss

SEAL-ONCE® has been leading the innovation in the use of nanotechnology to create long-lasting, Eco-friendly wood sealers & tinted wood stains since 2005.  POLY is a water-based polyurethane that shields by forming a durable coating on the wood’s surface.

POLY is a single component, water-based aliphatic polyurethane that is APEO free. It does not contain mercury, heavy metals or silica. Ideal for all interior applications where moisture may be present.

Product Details

  • All surfaces should be cleaned before sealing for best penetration and performance.
  • Remove all old coatings, dust, debris and loose material. Remove oil, grease, algae, grime, mill glaze and mold and mildew stains with appropriate cleaners. Recommend SEAL-ONCE All Wood Cleaner.
  • Test absorbency after cleaning by sprinkling water on surface. If the water does not readily penetrate the surface, stripping will be necessary to remove old coatings.
  • Do not use if air or surface temperature is below 50°F/10°C or above 95°F/35°C.
  • Do not apply in rain or when rain is expected within 24-48 hours. For all stains (including Ready-Mixed), intermix gallons and stir to ensure color consistency.
  • DO NOT THIN. Mix well. Stir contents or shake thoroughly prior to use.
  • Apply first coat with a synthetic brush; pump-up garden sprayer; air-assisted; and/or airless sprayer. Use 15-17 tip and medium to coarse spray pattern. When spraying, always back brush for best results.
  • Allow first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat. First coat should be dry within 2 hours.
  • Apply second coat following the same instructions as for the first coat.
  • If more than 24 hours have passed before applying the second coat, scuff sand the first coat to ensure proper adhesion.
  • For best results, apply in the shade and out of direct sunlight.
  • Apply to all surfaces and ends.
  • Use only with other SEAL-ONCE waterproofing products.
  • Remove excess stain sitting or puddling on the surface. Back brush or use a rag to wipe away any runs, drips, or puddles that have not soaked in.
  • Allow 4-6 hours for surface to dry completely before permitting light foot traffic.
  • Allow approximately 4-6 hours for surface to dry, depending on temperature and humidity, before subjecting to light foot traffic.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for full cure, depending on temperature and humidity.
  • When recoating, ensure first coat has dried completely and is dry to the touch. Allow approximately 2 hours before applying second coat.
  • Clean all application equipment with warm soapy water.
  • Disposal: soap and water cleanup; no special disposal procedure needed.
  • Store above 32°F/0°C to protect from freezing
  • Shelf life (unopened): 12-18 months
Surfaces that have been treated with SEAL-ONCE POLY can be cleaned using a mixture of 1-gallon warm water, 14 oz. bleach, and 1 oz. of Dawn® dish detergent. Apply this cleaning solution with a sprayer and allow to sit for 20 to 30 minutes on the wood surface before rinsing with water using a garden hose with a nozzle. This cleaning solution can be used to remove airborne mold and mildew stains, dirt and grime from the wood surface. SEAL-ONCE POLY will prevent and resist any water, mold and mildew penetration. Do not use oxidizers, corrosives, or strippers on surfaces that have been treated with SEAL-ONCE POLY.

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