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How to Seal a Concrete Patio

How To Seal Concrete Patio - Seal Once

If you want to protect your concrete patio and make it last longer, sealing it is important. You may be wondering how to seal a concrete patio and if you can do it on your own. Fortunately, it is possible to do it without the help of a professional. Once your patio is sealed, it is easier to clean and looks better. The process involves two or three phases that include several steps.

Phase 1: Prepare the Surface

In this phase, you optimize the concrete for applying sealant. These are the steps:

  • Sweep away debris.
  • Properly remove any paint, mastic or grease with the right substances.
  • Use a floor cleaner and water to mop the area.
  • After letting the patio dry for 24 hours, fill any cracks to smooth the surface.

Phase 2: Remove Old Sealant

If you are unsure whether the concrete was previously sealed, you can test it by pouring a cup of water onto the concrete. If you notice that it beads and stays instead of soaking in quickly, the concrete has been sealed. For concrete that is not sealed, proceed to Phase 3. Otherwise, follow these steps to remove old sealant:

  • Using an airless paint sprayer or one-inch nap roller, spread a chemical stripper on the concrete.
  • Follow the stripping chemical product’s instructions to determine how long to leave it on.
  • To remove the sludge that is produced by the chemical, use a long-handle scraper.
  • Scrub the floor using a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate.
  • Remove all water before letting the area dry for 24 hours.

Be sure to use the proper protective equipment when working with chemicals. Also, contact your city’s waste department to ask about proper disposal of old sealant that is mixed with a chemical stripper.

Phase 3: Apply the New Sealant

Apply two thin coats of sealant for ideal results. After you apply the first coat, wait a couple hours for it to dry before applying the second one. When you apply the second one, brush it on at right angles from the direction you applied the first coat. Be sure to let it dry for at least three days before you walk on it, put patio furniture on it or do anything else. This will give it ample time to cure.

Now that you know how to seal concrete patio, you may be wondering which type of sealant you need. Choosing an eco-friendly concrete sealer with a very low concentration of volatile organic compounds. NANO+POLY is exactly that, and it is made from a special combination of penetrating and protective ingredients. This makes it durable, and it has UV inhibitors to protect the concrete’s original appearance. It can also be used on brick. Because of its matte finish, it does not leave a shine or gloss. The sealant protects against salt damage, cracking, spalling and flaking.