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How To Seal A Wood Deck

Imagine stepping out onto your deck, feeling the solid wood under your feet, and looking out over your peaceful backyard. A well-built deck not only adds value to your home but provides a perfect venue for summer cookouts, peaceful morning coffees, and lively evening gatherings. Given the investment of time, effort, and resources you’ve made in building your deck, it’s natural to want to protect and preserve it for many years to come.

The Best Sealer for Your Deck

When it comes to choosing a sealer for your wood deck, performance and durability are paramount. For deck sealing, we recommend Nano+Poly Premium Wood Sealer. This product offers a sophisticated blend of penetrating nanotechnology combined with polyurethane, ensuring protection both below the surface and on it. Perfect for high-traffic areas, it offers a flexible, breathable barrier that allows the wood to expand and contract safely. The water-based, ultra-low VOC, non-toxic formula also includes UV blockers to prevent fading and is effective against warping, cupping, and stains caused by mold, mildew, and algae. One gallon covers approximately 250-350 sq. ft., depending on surface porosity.

Steps to Sealing Your Wood Deck

Step 1: Check the Forecast

Before applying any sealer, make sure the forecast is clear with no rain expected for at least two days and temperatures ranging between 50-90 °F. These conditions ensure the sealer adheres properly and dries evenly.

Step 2: Clear the Deck

Remove all furniture, decorations, and planters from the deck. You need a clear space to work and to allow the sealer to reach every part of the surface.

Step 3: Sand (If Needed)

If your deck shows signs of wear or the wood feels rough, sanding is necessary. Use a pole or palm sander along the direction of the wood grain. Wear a safety mask to avoid inhaling dust.

Step 4: Remove Debris

Vacuum up all the dust and debris from sanding. Pay special attention to the spaces between the boards. It’s crucial that the deck is completely clean and dry before you proceed.

Step 5: Stir Sealer

Stir the sealer gently to mix. Avoid shaking the can as this can introduce air bubbles and ruin the smooth finish of the sealer.

Step 6: Apply Sealer

Apply a thin, even coat using a brush, roller, or sprayer over a section of two to three boards at a time. Back-roll with a clean roller to spread and even out the sealer, ensuring deep penetration and an even finish.

Step 7: Repeat & Fine Tune

Continue applying the sealer to the rest of the deck. Use a smaller brush for edges, corners, and between boards where a roller cannot reach efficiently.

Step 8: Let It Dry

Allow the deck to dry completely, which may take up to 24 hours. Avoid walking on or replacing furniture on the deck until it is fully dry.

How To Seal A Wood Deck

Sealing your deck is a significant undertaking, and the quality of the sealer you choose can make a huge difference in the longevity and appearance of your deck. If you’re going to put all of that labour into sealing, you might as well pick the best product from the get go. With Seal-Once Nano+Poly Premium Wood Sealer, you are using a top-tier product that ensures robust protection and enduring beauty for your outdoor living space. Remember, a deck is a noteworthy investment; protecting it with a premium product is a wise and necessary choice to enjoy its benefits for years to come.