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How to Prep Your Deck for Sealing

During the sunnier months, a backyard deck is the perfect spot to gather with family and friends. Nonetheless, over a few years of use and exposure to the elements, your deck can start looking worse for wear.

To ensure your deck retains its optimal appearance, it is advised that you reseal it annually or biennially. Before you can do that, though, you need to prepare your deck for resealing. This blog post will walk you through the steps you can take to get your deck ready for sealing.

Step 1: Sweep the Deck

Before you begin any prepping, clean your deck with a broom or leaf blower. Remove all loose dirt and debris from the surface of the deck to make sure that it is as clear as possible.

Step 2: Apply a Cleaner

The next step is to apply a cleaning solution to the deck. This will help to cut through any built-up dirt and grime, as well as remove any mildew or mold that may be present on the surface of the deck. Use a scrub brush or pressure washer to evenly distribute the cleaner over the area being treated.

We recommend SEAL-ONCE All Wood Cleaner for this step. It penetrates the surface to loosen dirt and remove discoloration, mold and mildew stains without the use of harsh chemicals. It cleans the surface and restores the original color of the wood, making it look like new.

Step 3: Scrub Tough Areas

If the deck has tough spots or stains, use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub them away. Be sure to rinse off any areas that are being cleaned with water from the hose. This will help to remove any remaining residue from the cleaning solution and ensure that the area is properly prepped for sealing.

Step 4: Sand the Surface

The last step before you apply sealant is to sand the surface of the deck. This will help to smooth out any uneven surfaces, as well as ensure that the sealant bonds properly with the wood. Be sure to use a fine-grit sandpaper when doing this and wear protective gear to avoid particles from getting in your

Step 5: Allow the Deck to Dry Completely

Once you’ve finished prepping your deck, it’s important to let it dry completely before applying the sealant. This can take anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the temperature and humidity in your area.

Step 6: Inspect the Deck

Finally, inspect the deck one final time to make sure that all dirt and debris have been removed and that it’s ready for sealing. Once you’ve done this, your deck is now prepped and ready for sealing! Congratulations on taking the first step toward preserving and protecting your deck. Enjoy!

Step 7: Apply the Sealant

Now all that’s left to do is apply the sealant. Follow the directions on the product for best results. Remember, if you want your deck to last for many years to come, it’s important to reapply a fresh coat of sealant every few years. With regular maintenance and proper care, your deck can look beautiful for years to come!