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Cedar Shake Roof Restoration

Cedar Shake Roof maintenance

I want to tell you how pleased we are with the products we used on a recent red cedar roof in Ipswich, MA. Our first issue was to remove 10 years of mildew, which was easily 1/4″ thick in many areas.  Your All Wood Cleaner worked just as advertised, removing all mildew, and did not harm the landscaping and vegetation that surrounded the house.

We then followed up with Seal-Once Total Wood Protection, which is really an amazing product. The first time it rained, we could see the water beading as it ran down the surface of the roof. What is most amazing about the end result, is that your product is invisible. The wood has now taken on that beautiful grey weathered look that fits in so well with the natural environment.

Cedar Shake Roof Testimonial Before-
Cedar Shake Roof Testimonial In Progress-
In Progress
Cedar Shake Roof Testimonial After-


Steve Oransky, Owner | Five Star Painting | Danvers, MA