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Rustic Colorado Boardwalk

SEAL-ONCE NANO GUARD Premium Wood Sealer was used to protect and preserve a wooden boardwalk in the Town of Grand Lake, Colorado. The boardwalk runs along both sides of the main thoroughfare in town, covering more than one mile in total length. Town officials sought a product that would provide a high level of protection … Continued

Sound Barrier Wall

Jared Vazales, a landscape designer in Santa Barbara, California, contacted SEAL-ONCE for assistance in protecting and preserving a unique sound barrier wall in Montecito, California. He and his team had designed and were constructing a 1,185-foot-long wall utilizing the end cuts of Eucalyptus logs and required long-lasting protection against rot and decay from water damage. … Continued

Cedar Shake Roof Restoration

I want to tell you how pleased we are with the products we used on a recent red cedar roof in Ipswich, MA. Our first issue was to remove 10 years of mildew, which was easily 1/4″ thick in many areas.  Your All Wood Cleaner worked just as advertised, removing all mildew, and did not … Continued

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