Deck Stain Color Ideas: How To Choose Your Deck Stain Color Deck Stain Color Ideas: How To Choose Your Deck Stain Color

How To Choose The Best Stain Color For Your Deck

Deck Stain Color Ideas - Seal Once

Nothing refreshes a deck like a new coat of stain. Besides protecting the wood from the elements, stain transforms the atmosphere of your backyard. These deck stain color ideas demonstrate how you can alter the hue of your outdoor space to boost curb appeal and complement your home.

Deck Stain Color Ideas

What Color Is the Natural Wood?

Stain contains pigment that’s suspended in an often translucent vehicle. Therefore, the final color that it takes on depends on the tone of the substrate. Therefore, you should take into account the original color of the wood to guide your stain choice.

A light wood accepts most stains. However, a lighter stain may not show up on a dark wood.

Still, you can use the stain to adjust the shade of the wood. For example, you can neutralize red undertones with a greenish stain.

Some types of stain are more opaque. These aren’t influenced as heavily by the original deck color. A solid stain covers discolorations in the deck.

Natural or Bold?

When it comes to deck stain color ideas, you may have a natural look in mind. Most consumers assume that stains only come in shades of brown or tan.

However, you can find stains in a wide variety of hues, from primaries to pastels. Deck stain also comes in clear and neutral gray.

Natural tones blend in well with the environment. They mimic the wood tones in the trees. Choose a natural stain to perk up your deck without changing its look dramatically.

For a punchier, quirky vibe, consider staining your deck in an unexpected color. Perhaps it can complement your garden or add a tropical flair to your yard. On the other hand, you can use gray for a minimalist style that serves as a blank canvas for the rest of your backyard décor. Gray recedes, allowing other focal points to stand out.

Light or Dark?

You should consider the functional and esthetic aspects of choosing a dark or light stain. A brighter hue reflects light and stays cooler to the touch. However, it may get too bright on a sunny day. A light stain provides an airy look and can make a small space appear bigger.

Darker stains absorb light and can become hot to the touch. However, they aren’t as reflective and can diffuse some of the intense sunlight that hits your deck. Deeper shades can disguise some stains. They also create a cozy environment and can make a large deck feel more intimate.

There are many deck stain color ideas, and choosing the right one is important. Your deck is the primary element of your landscaping that stays the same color throughout the seasons. If you’re not sure what deck stain to try, test a few in an inconspicuous location. You’ll see the way that the wood accepts the stain and get a good sense of the final results.

Choose The Best Sealer

No matter what color you choose, getting the right product is the most important aspect to consider, because you want to protect your deck from the elements for years to come. Seal Once is the best choice when it comes to deck sealers as it not only adheres to the outside of the wood, but it penetrates the wood and seals it completely. Learn about how Seal Once works.