ABOUT Seal-Once®

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SEAL-ONCE® was created with you in mind. Our goal was to achieve the highest level of protection for wood and concrete without causing undue damage to the environment. What resulted was a complete line of cutting-edge products that are both highly effective and Eco-friendly.

By utilizing proprietary nanotechnology that penetrates deep into both wood and concrete, our products form a long-lasting durable bond that provides years of protection against water damage.

Our products provide more than just superior protection for wood and concrete; they provide peace of mind that the environment is not being harmed. SEAL-ONCE products include ultra-low VOCs and low to no odor; they are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-ozone depleting. They are safe for the environment and do not contain nitrates, phosphorous compounds or heavy metals. When you use SEAL-ONCE, you have the satisfaction of knowing our products will not harm pets, plants, people, livestock or marine life.

In 2016, SEAL-ONCE became part of U-C Coatings, LLC, a company with a long history of manufacturing high quality eco-friendly sealers and finishes for wood. We live our core values of integrity, dedication and superior customer service, while providing the highest quality products that are safe for our customers and the environment.

Headquartered in Buffalo, NY for more than 45 years, U-C Coatings is a leading manufacturer of wood and concrete protection products for customers around the world.