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5 Excellent Reasons to Protect Your Deck With Wood Sealer

Can Wood Sealer Waterproof Wood?

Your deck is a central part of your home and lifestyle. It’s where you gather for family events, find relief from the busy world around you, and enjoy the great outdoors. But did you know that without a wood sealer, your beautiful deck oasis could be vulnerable to severe damage?

A wood deck adds value to your home, but if it isn’t properly protected, it could make your home less valuable. That’s just one of many reasons it’s important to use a wood stain sealer. Here are five more reasons to protect your deck.

1. Protect Your Exotic Wood Flooring Investment

If your home’s deck or patio is constructed of exotic woods, you’ve made a significant investment. Using a wood seal will help protect it from long-term water damage. It will also help preserve its beautiful natural color.

Many exotic woods are known to turn a grayish color over time. If you don’t like that look, you can use tints and stains to maintain the color you prefer.

2. Wood Sealer Prolongs the Life of Your Deck

By using a wood stain sealer, you create a layer of protection between your deck and the elements. Rain, wind, sun, and heat are all enemies of your deck. The longer they are exposed to these conditions, the sooner the wood deteriorates and destroys your deck, porch, or patio.

3. Preserve Affordable Decking Lumber

Many homeowners use pressure-treated pine for their deck. Pine is a softwood that is affordable but requires frequent repairs or replacement. To prevent expensive repairs and maintenance, use a wood sealer to prevent rot or damage from insects.

4. Change Up the Look of Your Home

If you paint the exterior of your home or want to make a change in your home’s appearance, choose a high-quality deck finish or wood stain. From natural tones to bold hues, you can give your home a quick makeover with a new deck color.

As a bonus, wood finishes preserve and enhance the beauty of natural wood. They also protect it from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

5. Stop the Rot

Wood is a natural substance, and it does degrade over time. Wood is especially vulnerable to rotting. Rotted wood deck isn’t just unsightly; it’s dangerous.

Prevent injuries and protect your deck’s wood by sealing it from the elements that cause wood rot. Wood rot is not something you can reverse. You must take steps to prevent it from happening.


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With Seal-Once, you can protect your exotic hardwoods, preserve more affordable lumber, and prolong the life of your deck. Increase the value of your home and your enjoyment of it by using a wood sealer, stain, or finish.

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